Yes Pac Plastic Packaging Sustainability


Better Environment, better tomorrow!!
Yes-Pac believe that business growth should not be at the expense of people and the environment. That’s why we are working to minimize negative impacts on the environment and changing the way we do business by supporting a diverse, equitable, vibrant business practice and achieving a circular economy.

Yes Pac important sustainability goals

1. Product development:
  • Yes-Pac makes their packages with their next life cycle in mind, continuously innovating to allow for easier post-consumer recyclability. Also some of our packs can be re-purposed at the final consumer to use as home storage boxes, flower pots and other purposes.
  • Yes-Pac continuously reduces the amount of virgin plastic by redesigning our products to reduce the weight and increase the unit yield per ton.
  • Yes-Pac plastic packs are 100% recyclable in order to help conserve space at landfills that can be used for other solid waste. For every ton of plastic that is recycled. This helps to conserve natural resources and the environment.

  • Our Packs can be directly recycled into:
  • Plastic pallets
  • Flower pots
  • Automotive parts
  • Buckets for paints and chemicals
  • Building and construction products
  • Outdoors furniture
  • Irrigation devices for agriculture

  • Yes Pac Plastic Packaging Sustainability3

    2. Reduce our Environmental Impact by Reducing Energy Consumption:
  • Yes-Pac has changed all our lighting systems to LEDs which use up to 70% less power than incandescent light bulbs, accordingly there is a dramatic decrease in power consumption related to lighting, thus money and energy are saved.
  • We have ongoing programs for replacing and/or modifying all our production machines in order to greatly reduce the current standards in power Consumption. This is done by utilizing various technologies in motion control and power distribution.
  • We are currently studying various options regarding the use of renewable energy sources, especially the use of solar energy to cover part of our energy requirements.

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    3. Water and air Pollution:
  • According to international environmental tests and standards, YES-PAC is one of the premier companies saving water and preventing air pollution.
  • We are always working on minimizing industrial waste by actively improving our process.

  • 4. Developing our Employees:
  • YES-PAC policy is to provide premier training courses and educational opportunities to the employees across all levels in order to continuously enhance their capabilities and give them career mobility.
  • Reward progress and integrate recognition in employee performance assessments.
  • Continuously encourage employees to take on new challenges and roles within our organization, while increases the responsibilities given to them which creates vacancies for advancement of the younger generations.

  • 5. Equal Opportunity:
  • Yes-Pac policy provides that everyone should be treated fairly when they’re considered for various employment decisions (including hiring, promotion, termination, compensation, etc.)
  • Yes-Pac never uses certain characteristics as reasons to hire or reject candidates. Yes-Pac cannot discriminate against several types of discrimination characteristics:
  • 1. Race / color
    2. National origin / ethnicity
    3. Religion
    4. Age
    5. Gender
    6. Physical or mental disability